I Give Up & I Win

May 4, 2019

I fucking quit. So there!! I know you, who have been waiting to jump on my head at the drop of a post, are going to be deeply disappointed. After all, nothing brings about as much pep in life as a bit of blood pressure and apoplexy brought on by someone bashing your political hero/ideology and the ensuing string of adjectives and snide remarks you hurl at him. I know- I have been there and done it too. So why am I tucking my tail between my legs and chickening out, you might well ask. I object. I am not chickening out. It is just that I value your friendship more than I value the invigorating rush of blood I get when I hurl abuses at your political god and his ideology.

You see, dude, I think you are awesome, even if your views are diametrically opposed to mine. Are you corrupt? Are you someone who discriminates on the basis of caste, community, language, class or religion? Are you someone who would sell our country down the drain? I don’t think so. Are you blind and idiotic? Certainly not. Just remember, neither am I.

All I know is that we both see the same data and process it with our respective middle class brains and come up with diametrically opposite conclusions. And it is not because either of us are idiots or bastards. It is because of these damn lenses embedded in our brains that colour our respective views of the world differently. Lenses formed from childhood by divergent upbringing and circumstances that amplify different aspects of the data we observe differentially. That and the processing algorithms that assign different weightages to different bits of data that the lenses provide.

So while it is great fun, sitting up for half the night waiting for you to respond to my dig at your idol so that I can re-respond and re-re-re-respond to your re-re-response (ad infinitum or at least ad the cows come home), I have always known in my libtard, sickular, left liberal heart that you will never see it my way and I will never see it your way.

The only change in me now is that I am acknowledging that 1. Both of us could have completely varying points of view and still be right in our own way; 2. I value your friendship; 3. In the heat of the exchange we might each say things that hurt and drive a wedge between us; and 4. I waste a large percentage of my valuable life fighting unwinnable battles on the battlefields of Facebook.

Therefore, I, Ramgopal Vallath, aka RamG Vallath, intrepid Facebook warrior, self-proclaimed upholder of liberal values, am bowing out of the political posting frenzy on social media. Cheers to you too.

PS. Thanks Hari, for the valuable advice

PPS. Thanks Rajesh for stealing a great image from somewhere and forwarding to me

PPPS. Thanks someone who created the image and forwarded to janta so that Rajesh could steal it

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arun kumar k

The thought then crossed my mind – if India and Pakistan can find grounds where we can help each other and feel grateful/content, and both vacate Kashmir and give it breathing space, much like the armrest, all three of us can hug and smooch and exchange sidelong loving.

22:06:2020 5:07:31 pm