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I Give Up & I Win

I fucking quit. So there!! I know you, who have been waiting to jump on my head at the drop of a post, are going to be deeply disappointed. After all, nothing brings about as much pep in life as a bit of blood pressure and apoplexy brought on by someone bashing your political hero/ideology […]

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Game of Thrones: Leadership Lesson-2 Episode-3, Season-1

How to proceed when you take on a new role or a new job? What are the first things you need to do? Episode 3 opens up a lot of interesting points on this question. Two people join their new jobs and take on new roles in this episode, though in diametrically different positions. Jon […]

Game of Thrones- Leadership Lessons-Episode 1

Violence, intrigue, and sex: this is what first comes to mind when one thinks of Game of Thrones- not necessarily in that order. The whole damn show is more riveting than the last two overs of an IPL match. But when one is watching from season 1 all over again for the third time, as […]

Hope for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in India

Launching HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi It has been close to six years since I had a rebirth, when my body was literally rebooted. Six years since I shrugged off the debilitating clutches of a rare and incurable autoimmune disorder. Today, I am glad to say that I have […]

Winning at Love All

I just spent two traumatic weeks in Rajagiri hospital in Cochin. For a change, this time I was not the chief guest of the proceedings. It was my dad who was admitted there with a cardiac failure. He was brought there with a urinary tract infection; but on examining him, his doctor had immediately placed […]

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Modiji, Please do an FMEA next time

Dear Prime Minister, As I sat glued to the TV on the night of 8th November, I was thrilled. Here is a bold decision taken by a bold leader. To tell you the truth, I am not a fan of your party or the extended so called Sangh Parivar. During the elections, I knew the Congress […]

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My Elbow and the Real Game of Thrones

Image credit armrest I believe there are about 40 million people on earth who are descended from Genghis Khan. Every time I have to take an early morning flight, I become convinced that I am one of them. The ferocity with which I want to kick the daylights out of every individual who crosses my path […]

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My Struggle With CIDP (Episode 2, Season 1)

You might have read my earlier blog on how when I was 34, at the peak of my career and on top of the world, I was struck down by CIDP- a crippling autoimmune disorder. This was caused by my white blood corpuscles- my immune system- going rogue and attacking my own body- specifically, my […]

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The Biology of Electricity

I have always believed in experiential learning. As a kid, I was totally and completely into learning everything possible through experiments. Which is of course the reason that at the age of nine, I put a wet paper on a burning bulb, thereby making it explode, necessitating a quick retreat under the bed to avoid […]

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The Birth of Pi

God was delighted. It was during these times of intense creativity that he found himself happiest. The pleasure of creating something from completely nothing was incomparable. It was way more interesting than maintaining and managing a running system. He had a lot of plans for this cycle of the universe; things he had been planning […]

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Pluto Fights Back

24th August 2006 will go down in the annals of history of the Solar System as the most shameful day in its 4.6 Billion years of existence. In an act of blatant insensitivity and cruelty, a group of astronomers, calling themselves International Astronomical Union (IAU) humiliated and excommunicated Pluto from the elite core group of […]

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My struggle with CIDP- an autoimmune disorder (Season-1, Episode-1)

The pictures taken before my treatment and after six months of intense body re-building post my treatment. This post was originally written in my blogspot blog on 1st April 2013. Sharing now so that I can give an update in Episode-2. I was thirty three and on top of the world when the niggling worry […]

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