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June 2022

RamG’s Comigyan -1 Growth Mindset
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Growth Mindset is a term coined by the Stanford professor, Dr Carol Dweck. Growth Mindset is the belief that talent or ability can be acquired or grown by hard work, practice, and by adopting the right strategies. This is as opposed to Fixed Mindset, which is the belief that any ability or talent is inherent and hence cannot be enhanced.

eople who manifest Growth Mindset typically take on challenges without fear of failure, since according to them, failure isn’t a reflection on their inherent lack of ability. It is only a reflection of their current level of preparedness. On the other hand, those who manifest Fixed Mindset are scared of taking on new challenges, since they believe failure would expose their lack of ability.

People with Growth Mindset also love to keep learning. This also means they are open to, and welcome, feedback on how they can improve. They also believe others can improve by hard work and practice and hence are more tolerant of failure in others and coach and help them succeed.

Not so, people with Fixed Mindset. They take any negative feedback as an attack on their inherent ability. They also tend to classify anyone who has failed in a particular task as losers.

It is important to cultivate a Growth Mindset. Anyone can consciously become more Growth Mindset oriented. They can do this by consciously taking on one small challenge at a time that is outside their comfort zone, working hard towards succeeding and even if they fail, telling themselves that it was their lack of preparation and not their inherent ability that was the cause. Over time, they can take on tougher and tougher challenges.