My own Body Turned Against me

My own Body Turned Against me 635 454 ramgi@user

It was about 11 years ago, that my body was rebooted.

Back then, I had been suffering from an autoimmune disorder (CIDP) that crippled me and brought me to near-total paralysis of the entire body for over 8 years. Standard medications didn’t work for me and the steroids had extensive side-effects such as cataract in the eyes, brittle bones, bone death in both hips, weight gain of over 16 kilos etc. My doctors had no clue on what to do beyond the standard medication.

Luckily, I knew that the buck stops with me — always.

I tried ayurveda, yoga, diet control and finally after extensive research, Dr. Richard Burt’s clinical trial in Chicago. The cost would wipe out most of our family savings. But with the ever-present-support of my wife, Jayashri Ramamurti, I had little hesitation in going for it. There was a probability of death during the treatment, and a probability that it may not work. But along with end-to-end ownership, risk-taking was the other quality that my parents had inculcated in me.

The treatment was my rebirth. After the treatment, with over 6 months of intense physiotherapy and exercising, I recovered over 90% of my muscles.

This picture was taken approximately 11 years back, when my stem cells were injected into my body to reboot my immune system. My life was also rebooted then. I went on to reinvent my life as a bestselling author, tech co-founder, and a much-sought-after keynote speaker. There are scores, if not hundreds of people who have supported me on this journey. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you. I wouldn’t have achieved anything without all of you.

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