An Open Letter to the World

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The Start of a Journey

For the last ten years, I have been growing in stature as a keynote speaker. I have made mistakes, learned from them, flopped in high profile talks, learned from the experiences, done extensive research in psychology and neuropsychology and incorporated the learnings into my talks.

Today, I am one of the top speakers in India’s corporate circuit. I have even delivered talks to exclusively international audiences.

But always behind me, and supporting me every step of the way was Jayashri Ramamurti, my wife. Because she was holding down a great job at Google, I had the opportunity and time to build up my career as a speaker.

Last week I got a call from Sanjay Krishnan, the founder of an amazingly exciting startup — Lithium Urban Technologies. The company provides transportation services to corporate employees, using EVs.

Remarkably, the company had managed to survive Covid and the work from home that followed. Now they wanted to conduct an offsite for their team to plan for the huge growth.

Sanjay wanted me to be the Keynote speaker for the program. I was delighted. This was a company that was saving the planet every time they made a sale. This was a company that had travelled a journey similar to mine, gone through great difficulties and risen like a phoenix.

The one condition I had was that Jayashri Ramamurti would accompany me. (She is scared that if I travel alone, I might trip and fall somewhere and injure myself. So she makes it a point to hold my hand all the time).

The session — a fireside chat between Sanjay and I — went brilliantly. But during the hour-long Q&A session, Sanjay managed to get Jayashri also on stage. With her vast experience in HR, she was awesome.

It was a first for us. The two of us sharing the stage.

I actually felt like a celebrity at the end, with many people wanting to take selfies with me.

I hope this is the beginning of a new partnership between Jayashri and I as we scale new heights in helping people grow, just like Lithium is scaling the heights in saving the planet.

RamG Vallath
Keynote Speaker, Author, and Overall Awesome Dude

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