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CAP – Compassion, Acceptance & Purpose

I never imagined that I would be delivering a talk on a subject that is typically the domain of ‘Gurus’ and Godmen’. But that is exactly the opportunity I was given. I spoke to the leadership team of JP Morgan and recieved a standing ovation at the end of it.

The topic was ‘Meaning and Fulfilment in Life’. The following are the three qualities that I urged the audience to build in themselves, in order to lead a life of fulfilment and meaning.

The three qualities can be summarised with the acronym ‘CAP’.

The ‘C’ in CAP stands for Compassion.

Most of our lives, we pursue ‘value addition for ourselves’ as goals.

Making more money, buying bigger things, more and more expensive experiences etc. I am not saying we shouldn’t.

But, what if, along with that, we keep aside a fraction of our time for ‘adding value to others’? An ever increasing fraction over time, till your main purpose becomes helping others.

The level of fulfilment that it can provide in life is amazing.

The ‘A’ in CAP is Acceptance.

–      Acceptance of one’s own self (being completely authentic, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, being comfortable with that and being open about that)

–      Acceptance of situations (so that instead of getting into denial when setbacks hit, you can focus your energies on finding solutions and maximising the present)

–      Acceptance of people (knowing every individual is a unique mix of genetics, upbringing, and experience; and that it is important to accept that instead of getting frustrated with differences, judging others or even pushing them to change)

The above three help drastically in reducing stress and dissonance.

The ‘P’ in CAP is Purpose.

Have a goal in life that is larger than yourself. Every day, devote some time to get you closer to that goal. Break the goal down to strategies, have weekly and daily action plans for each strategy.

Anyone can build these three qualities. One can start small and take larger and larger steps each day.

By the way, these three qualities, if practiced diligently at workplace, will make you an amazingly successful professional. One who helps one’s colleagues, supports them and get supported in turn, is trustworthy and is driven.

Would you agree?

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